Akto Brand Ambassadors

Akto's Brand Ambassador program enables security champions
to build and empower the entire API security community.

What is Akto's Brand Ambassador program?

Akto brand ambassadors, a.k.a Akto Warriors, are the security champions in API and Offensive security. You get hackers together to hack, learn and earn as a group. The Brand Ambassador program is Akto’s newest program built to empower you to empower the community. 

Being an Akto Warrior allows you to get hackers together in your city. To share knowledge, learn together, hack together, serve your community together. You will be an extension of the Akto community team helping to answer questions on hacking or the platform, sharing tips and tricks on education and resources while building up or expanding your leadership skills. In addition to this resume booster, you’ll get to expand your network of hackers in your local area. The responsibility is  great as you will be your city's owner of a hacking chapter. 

You will be free to determine the best format for you and your community. You will be supported in events, activities, competitions and more If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, keep reading and apply below.


- Knowledge on API Security
- Passion for the hacking community 
- Commitment to keeping your Club consistently engaged
- Commitment to keep your Club constantly growing 

Bonus: if you have proven involvement with the local hacking community (at any local conference, BSides volunteer, OWASP chapters, defcon groups, other groups) and if you are educational-focused and driven to share knowledge and collaborate with others!


- Event Sponsorship
- You Conduct, We Support! 
- Exclusive Swag
- Incentives 
- Gain experience to build and lead your local community
- great resume booster! 
- Direct access to the Akto Community Team
- Expand your network and meet lifelong friends!

Example of chapter activities that you could host!
- CTF competitions
- Learning groups
- Programming workshops
- Hackathons
- Bug Bounty meetups
- Attend a hacking conference or event 
- Host a workshop or lab 
- Host a hacking meetup  
- Discussions about cybersecurity
- Watch party for conferences, content streams etc. 
- Study groups for security certifications

Do you have an idea that isn’t on here? You can certainly share your idea with Akto team and they’ll help bring your idea to life!

How to apply

Complete this form and add as much information about you and your background as possible. 

Become an API security champion today!