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Akto is now HIPAA Compliant [Akto for HealthCare]

We are proud to announce that Akto is now HIPAA compliant!

Raaga Srinivas

Raaga Srinivas

5 mins

At Akto, we understand the paramount importance of security and privacy, especially in the healthcare sector. This compliance marks a key milestone for us!

What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that sets a standard for sensitive patient data protection. Companies that deal with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all necessary physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed. HIPAA compliance is not just a legal obligation, but a testament to our commitment to protecting our customers' data.

Why is HIPAA compliance important to Akto?

This achievement is highly significant for our healthcare clients. HIPAA compliance ensures that sensitive patient health information is adequately protected, providing our healthcare customers with peace of mind. Given that APIs often handle sensitive patient data, they can trust that their data is secure with Akto, minimizing the risk of data breaches, and that they are in compliance with a critical healthcare regulation.

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Akto Solutions for Healthcare

With this compliance, Akto can help our clients combat some of the most pressing concerns in the industry:

Avoid heavy penalties from non-compliance

With their APIs secured in compliance with HIPAA, healthcare clients can rest assured that their products are in line with industry protocols for safeguarding their patients’ data and will not have to pay the price of hefty penalties.

Avoid sensitive data breach from APIs

Healthcare APIs often handle sensitive patient information. Akto can determine APIs with potential personal information exposure including account numbers, Social Security Numbers, transaction details, contact information, credit card information, insurance details etc.

Secure against third-party API integration risks

Healthcare organizations often integrate with third-party services. Insecure third-party APIs can expose sensitive data and introduce vulnerabilities.

With Akto, you can discover all your third party APIs. You can integrate Akto in CI/CD to find and fix API vulnerability issues and use our test templates from the Test Library to start testing.

We, at Akto, will continue to ensure that our systems and policies meet and exceed the most stringent industry standards.

Check out Akto for healthcare or schedule a demo with us to know more!

Happy Testing! 🚀

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