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Enhanced and Configurable CI/CD and CLI Test runs in Akto

You can now configure test run time, view customized test results and add severity based deployment block in CI/CD and CLI testing. Read to learn more.

Enhanced CI/CD tests runs
Enhanced CI/CD tests runs
Enhanced CI/CD tests runs
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Ankita Gupta

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Akto is the fastest and most complete way to find security flaws in your APIs. It enables developers to scan APIs in the DevSecOps pipeline using CI/CD triggers. This year kicked off with the beta launch of our CI/CD integration. Our newest updates aim to streamline and optimize CI/CD test runs further.

Select all tests for CLI run

In response to user feedback, we have refined the test selection process in our command line interface (CLI). Prior to our November update, users had the option to select and run individual tests in the CLI but didn't have the option to run all tests. Recognizing this, we implemented a significant enhancement: now, users can initiate the entire suite of tests with a single command, removing the need to select tests one by one. Learn more in the documentation here. This is one of the many updates we will be doing in the CLI test triggers.

Select all tests

Customize Test Results in Testing CLI

Akto allows you to view all test results while testing APIs in the CLI. We previously announced the release of our CLI testing feature. Now, our enhanced CLI testing feature offers four levels of customizable output:

  1. NONE - No output file is generated, ideal for streamlined workflows.

  2. SUMMARY - [Default]: Provides a concise report of executed tests and identified vulnerabilities.

  3. DETAILED - The output file contains the SUMMARY and provides detailed descriptions and impacts of each test.

  4. DEBUG - The output file contains DETAILED output along with the original and attempt request and response for all the API tests.

Explore more about this feature in our documentation here.

Detailed test Output

Want the best proactive API Security product?

Our customers love us for our proactive approach and world class API Security test templates. Try Akto's test library yourself in your testing playground. Play with the default test or add your own.

Enhanced CI/CD Test Run Efficiency

We have streamlined test durations for extensive API environments. Previously, testing large number of APIs sometimes led to delayed deployments. We have resolved this by giving users the flexibility to configure time period and severity in test run settings:

  • Configurable Time Periods: Users can now define a maximum duration for test runs, preventing prolonged testing phases.

  • Severity-Based Deployment Blocks: This feature allows users to specify a severity threshold that must be met to trigger a deployment block, affording greater control over release criteria. For example: If you want to block the release only for critical vulnerabilities found, you can do so by configuring the setting to block only for critical issues.

Know more about CI/CD test runs here.

In summary, our recent updates to CI/CD and CLI testing have been focused on improved efficiency and flexibility. We are working towards many more improvements in next few months. Get notified by signing up for our product newsletter.

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