Introducing Akto 60 seconds Deploy

Akto is on a mission to make API security journeys for security engineers and developers 10x easier and faster. In the last 9 months, we have received an incredibly positive response on the quick and easy way to deploy Akto on-premise. We continue to listen to our users and we have realised that ease of deployment is incredibly critical for our users. We took it as a challenge to give our users a delightful experience of integrating Akto making it even faster. 

Today, we are super excited to announce that we have released Akto 60 seconds Deploy in AWS. Akto 60 seconds Deploy is our attempt to get Akto in the hands of the user at ludicrous speed. We don’t want users to spend a lot of time getting first value out of the awesome tool we have built. 


What is the Akto 60 seconds Deploy?

Akto 60 seconds deploy is a way for users to deploy Akto’s self hosted version (on-prem) in their clouds - AWS or GCP within 60 seconds. 

*It’s free! Akto doesn’t charge for The 60 seconds deploy. It is absolutely free. There is a very small cost (USD 3.00 per day) of on-premise deployment that your cloud provider ( AWS/ GCP) will charge.

How to deploy Akto in 60 seconds in AWS?

1. Navigate and Log in to https://stairway.akto.io/

2. Select your preferred region.

3. Enter 3 required parameters:

  1. KeyPair: This keypair will be used to log in to Akto instances.
  2. PublicSubnetIds: Akto dashboard’s load balancer will be deployed in the selected subnets.
  3. SubnetId: Akto instances will be deployed in this subnet.

4.  Click on create stack.

5. Once the stack is deployed, navigate to the output section and grab the url for dashboard and signup!

6. You might see 502 bad gateway for a few seconds. 

7. Refresh the page and you will see the dashboard deployed in your AWS. 

8. Awesome! You can now go to quick start in left nav to add API data sources for quick inventory.

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