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Test Editor is now 2x more efficient: Autocomplete, syntax errors and more..

Added autocomplete, syntax error highlighting and examples snippets in YAML test editor

Test Editor new features
Test Editor new features
Test Editor new features
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Ankita Gupta

3 mins

We released API Security Test Editor on July 20. Since then, our early users have provided us with valuable feedback to improve it’s experience. Security teams use test editor to write their custom test in simple YAML format. The first version of test editor was less intuitive and difficult for users to use to it’s full potential. Over the last few weeks, we made significant improvement to Akto’s test editor.

Added Autocomplete Functionality

You don’t have to lookup and find the YAML operators while writing your test. Test Editor will auto-suggest operator options once you start writing which you can select and choose to auto-complete without having to remember and type the complete operator with the right syntax.

Here is an example where I am writing execute operator and test editor is auto-suggesting execute to me. I can just click on it to add execute operator to my YAML template.

Syntax errors will be highlighted going forward

Users had a lot of trouble not knowing if their text syntax was correct or not. With the new update, all the syntax errors will be highlighted upto two incorrect characters. For example: Here I have written execute as execut and the test editor is showing syntax error to me.

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Auto generation of example snippets to the YAML template

Our users told us that it was extremely hard to keep referring to the documentation to write commands in text editor. We understood this pain and built auto generation of example snippets feature. With this feature use can choose to add example commands by just clicking on the suggestions from test editor.

For example: Here I typed execute and test editor is giving me three sample snippets - add-header, modify-body-param and replace-body. I just selected add-header as I want to use it in my yaml template. Now I can replace dummy header value with the header value I want. That’s it. I didn’t have to look into the documentation for correct syntax and what operators to use. Test editor suggested me some samples that I could use by itself.

More to explore:

In the above videos we barely scratched the surface of what’s possible with Akto’s test Editor. Now you know how to use Test Editor to it’s fullest, you’re well on your way to writing critical API Security tests or use an existing one from the Test library.

If you have any questions, or would just like to say hi, please be sure to visit our community. We'd love to hear about what you're testing!

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