Akto vs Traceable: Why security teams choose Akto

Traceable is a reactive API Security platform. It's too late to secure APIs post deployment in a reactive manner. Akto's vision is to solve for API Security from the first line of code and it does so by tightly integrating in your CI/CD pipeline.

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Transparent pricing and available free plan

Akto's pricing is transparent. You pay for what you use. We believe the best validation is by trying the product yourself and only pay if you are satisfied.

No free plan, gets very expensive as number of APIs increases. Pricing is not transparent.

Ease of setup and Open Source

Akto is open source and we are building in public. You can use Akto's open source version before you decide to use Enterprise version.

You can deploy Akto self hosted and cloud in less than 5 minutes.

Deployment takes a long time and several technical calls.

API Discovery

Automated API Inventory with multiple traffic connections.

Comparable native capabilities

Sensitive Data Exposure

Has inbuilt 50+ sensitive data types. You can add your own.

Comparable native capabilities

API Changes

Alerts on every new API and old API changes

Comparable native capabilities

API Security Testing

Extensive and world's fastest testing capabilities with results in seconds and not hours.

Third-party apps with limited capabilities.

Test Templates

Relies on third party open source apps.

OWASP Top 10 Coverage

Complete coverage of the OWASP Top 10. Check out the test library

Partial coverage

Contextual Business logic testing

Write your contextual business logic tests with Akto's Test editor

Automation and CI/CD

Extensive integrations with CI/CD plugins

Block API Threats

❌, Akto finds vulnerabilities pre deployment in CI/CD

Native capabilities

AI Assistant

AktoGPT has capabilities far beyond any API data monitoring tool. You can ask GPT to create tests, find sensitive information, prioritize APIs and so on.

Want the best proactive API Security product?

Our customers love us for our proactive approach and world class API Security test templates. Try Akto's test library yourself in your testing playground. Play with the default test or add your own.

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