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Send your API Security findings from Akto to Jira

You can now send all your findings from Akto to Jira and tag developers to each finding.

Akto and Jira
Akto and Jira
Akto and Jira
Raaga Srinivas

Raaga Srinivas

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Effective issue triaging is crucial for security teams. This process ensures that all security tasks are tracked, prioritized, and completed on time. This helps in maintaining the security posture and managing the overall risk of the organization. To support security teams in this endeavor for all API Security issues, Akto lets you integrate with the most common project management tool- Jira by Atlassian!

What is Jira?

Jira is a popular project management tool used by development and security teams worldwide. It helps manage work efficiently, track issues, and provide an overall view of the project status.

But what does it have to do with API security? Well, quite a lot!

Why should you integrate with Jira?

Jira project

Integrating Jira with your API security process can provide several benefits.

It can help track and manage security issues just like any other project task. When a security issue is detected, it can be logged as a task in Jira, assigned to the right team member, and tracked until it's resolved. This ensures that no security issue is overlooked and that it's addressed in a timely manner.

Moreover, Jira's powerful reporting features can help teams understand their API security posture better. They can track trends, identify common vulnerabilities, and measure the effectiveness of their security measures.

Integrating Jira into your API security process can not only help manage security issues more efficiently but also provide better visibility and understanding of security status of your APIs.

Integrating Jira with Akto

Head to Akto and follow these steps to integrate with Jira:

  1. Open Jira integration Dashboard on Akto

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  1. Generate API token on Jira

You will need to open your Jira project and retrieve your API token.

  1. Copy all Jira project details to Akto

Once you copy the API token, paste it in Akto under the same tab. Akto hides the details of the API key for security reasons.

You will also need to copy the Base URL of your project (Do not put in the full URL), provide your email ID and name of the project like below.

Copied details of Jira
  1. Save details and test

Save your details and test to see if the Jira integration works!

Once you've hit the test button, head to your Jira project. You should find a test Jira ticket created.

test Jira ticket
  1. Create a Jira ticket for your issue

Now, you can create jira tickets for all your issues identified by Akto! See how.

Having created the ticket, you can now assign and link issues smoothly and efficiently.


You’re all set to manage all your API Security issues in your Jira board. Go ahead and integrate Jira with Akto. If you don’t use Jira and want to integrate Akto with other project management tools, make a request at

Start in 60 seconds. Happy API Security Testing!

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