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January Newsletter: Added 70+ tests on Test Editor, Akto Developer Security Hub and more

This marks Akto's first newsletter of 2024! We’ve added 70+ Authentication and Authorization tests, making our Test Editor more versatile than ever, enabled Github CI/CD comment and checks, revamped our UI and much more.

January Newsletter
January Newsletter
January Newsletter
Raaga Srinivas

Raaga Srinivas

8 mins

We’ve started 2024 with a bang 💥 , bringing to you some incredible updates to our product! We’ve added 70+ Authentication and Authorization tests, making our Test Editor more versatile than ever, enabled Github CI/CD comment and checks and much more. You’ll also find our UI revamped so that you can view all important metrics at a glance! Let’s dig in.

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Fresh off the Shelf

🚀  Added 70+ new Authentication and Authorization tests

Authentication and Authorization Tests

We’ve added new Authentication and Authorization tests, and there are still more to come! Check out Akto’s pre-built templates and scan for vulnerabilities on Akto’s Test Editor.

⚡ Introduced Powerful YAML Instructions for Custom tests

Powerful YAML instructions

We want our users to run as many tests as possible to extract maximum benefits from Akto. Akto now displays test coverage for all collections, acting like a roadmap for effective testing.

  • We have added new JWT attack tests in our arsenal.

  • Introduced Chaining: You can run multiple kinds of requests in a single yaml template.

  • We’ve also added new UI specific tests where users can replace or insert any token within a given URL.

  • We now support Cookie Expiry tests and have added support for triggering another yaml from a given yaml test.

Start testing with Akto now.

🔔 Risk Score for each API

Risk score for API

With companies juggling thousands of APIs, our new metric helps users prioritize riskiest APIs. It ensures focused efforts on securing the digital assets, saving time and fortifying where it matters most. Vulnerabilities are scored on a scale of 0 to 5, with 0 being not critical and 5 being extremely critical. See now.

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☎️ Enabled Github CI/CD Comments and Checks

Gitbhub comments and checks

In the CI/CD pipeline, you can now integrate Akto to enable Github comments and checks! Akto highlights the issues identified, vulnerability type and endpoints affected.

Check out Akto docs to enable this feature.

🏛️ Create Custom API Collections

Create Custom API collections

You can now create your own collections by importing APIs from other collections, see how to do this on our docs.

We’ve Revamped our UI!

🏡 Brand New Home Page

Akto Home Page

Our users were looking for a “laid-back view of our APIs", so we made it happen. Security teams can now effectively monitor key metrics like test coverage, sensitive data, and vulnerabilities all in a single dashboard. We’ve also improved our API collections page! See this on Akto.

🧪 Improved Test Results Page

Improved test results page Akto

Previously, our test results emphasized the APIs tested. Now, we've shifted the focus to spotlight the issues discovered. You can now focus on vulnerabilities and address potential security threats with precision. See this on Akto.

🛠️ [New Resource] Launched Akto’s Developer Security Hub

RegEx Tester

We’ve launched our new Developer Security Hub. It’s a hub for small free tools that will help you in your day to day work. Our first tool is a simple regex tester which supports 4 languages- Python, Go, Javascript and Java. It also offers testing for 10+ pre-built types of common RegExes such as email, simplifying pattern validation for developers and security teams. You can also add these Regexes to detect sensitive data in Akto’s sensitive data exposure feature.

Other Product Updates:

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🤔 What’s Next?

Our team is working night and day to bring you the best product, and we’re scaling fast.

Have feature requests? Share your thoughts on Akto community or GitHub page. Your input helps shape our roadmap.

Until next time, happy testing!

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