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November Newsletter: HIPAA Compliance, Akto Academy, New Community Platform

This is Akto's November newsletter blog. This month we bring to you exciting updates on our new Academy resource, community, HIPAA compliance, features, and more.

November Newsletter
November Newsletter
November Newsletter
Raaga Srinivas

Raaga Srinivas

10 mins

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🚑 Akto is now HIPAA Compliant


Akto is HIPAA compliant! This marks a key milestone in our commitment to security and privacy. This achievement is especially significant for our healthcare customers, ensuring the highest standard of protection for sensitive health data. We understand the critical nature of compliance in your operations, and HIPAA compliance positions Akto as a trusted partner in your API Security Journey. With this compliance, you can trust that your health data is in safe hands.

Read the announcement →

🏛️ [Academy] Learn about API Security with Akto Academy

Akto Academy

We’ve released the first course on API security at Akto Academy!

Our goal is to help users learn about APIs and API Security, and understand how to secure APIs through Akto's hands-on labs and informative content curated by our seasoned team of security experts. The first course covers the basics of API security, including modules on what an API is, status codes, HTTP methods, GraphQL, and more. Expect many more exciting courses in this area.

Learn with Akto Academy →

🔥 Akto Community Platform is now Live!

Akto Community

Akto Community is now live on a brand new platform! If you have questions about the product or API Security, post your queries on the platform now. Here’s how you can get started:

Post your queries on Akto Community →

🪝Added custom payload in Webhooks


You can now add your own custom payload in Webhooks on Akto. No need to stick to Akto’s default format – create a custom payload that fits your needs. Sending data from Akto is now easier and more flexible.

Get Started now with Webhooks →

Want the #1 proactive API Security product?

Our customers love us for our proactive approach and world class API Security test templates. Try Akto's test library yourself in your testing playground. Play with the default test or add your own.

More Product Updates

  • Improved Test Editor Info: We have updated the info section in test editor for custom tests.

  • Fixed concurrent tests: This update supports running multiple CI/CD tests simultaneously.

  • Optimized testing memory: We have significantly reduced memory utilization in the testing module.

⚒️ See everything we've shipped in the Akto changelog →

🚀 Akto Live Group Demo

Akto hosts a live, 45-minute session on our latest features and use cases. Expect to see:

  • An introduction to API security

  • Getting started with Akto

  • Key use cases solved by Akto

  • Any custom demand by audience

Register Now →

📕 Recommended Reading:

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  • 7 Strategies to Implement DevSecOps in Your Organization Successfully: Learn how to stay ahead of threats and foster innovation in a secure environment.

  • Securing Cloud-Native Applications in DevSecOps: Actionable insights on architecting, building, and running more secure cloud native apps.

  • Ensuring API security within the DevSecOps framework: This article sheds light on the urgent need for strong API security in the current digital landscape.

  • LinkedIn Data Breach: Learn how 500 million LinkedIn profiles were offered for sale on a well-known hacker forum.

🤔 What’s Next?

We are building fast, very fast.

Got a feature request? We'd love to hear it! Share your thoughts on Akto community or GitHub page. Your input helps shape our roadmap.

Here's a sneak peek at what's coming next month:

  1. Advanced Authorization and Authentication tests

  2. Expanded integrations

  3. Lots of exciting UI Updates

  4. Advanced API Risk Prioritization

  5. Enhanced support for Swagger and Postman Testing

  6. Improved SSO capabilities

See you next month 🚀

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