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Credit Card Regex Java Validator

Credit Card Regex Java Validator

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In Java, credit card validation is a key functionality in financial software and e-commerce applications. Java's java.util.regex package can be used for regex-based validation of credit card numbers.

What is Credit Card Regex?

Java regex for credit card numbers includes patterns specific to each card issuer.

The Credit Card Regex Pattern

  • Pattern for Visa:

  • This pattern matches Visa cards, which start with 4 and are 13 or 16 digits long.

How to Validate Credit Cards in Java?

To validate credit card numbers in Java:

import java.util.regex.*;

public class CreditCardValidator {
    public static boolean isValidVisaCard(String cardNumber) {
        String regex = "^(?:4[0-9]{12}(?:[0-9]{3})?)$";
        Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(regex);
        Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(cardNumber);
        return matcher.matches();

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String cardNumber = "4111111111111111";
        System.out.println("Is Visa card valid? " + isValidVisaCard(cardNumber));

Uses of Credit Card Regex Validation

  1. Transaction Processing: Validating credit card numbers in payment processing systems.

  2. Data Validation: Ensuring credit card number integrity in user databases and CRM systems.

What next?

Java’s regex utility offers a robust solution for credit card number validation in financial applications. Akto's regex validator is an excellent tool for extending this validation to cover a wide range of credit card formats and issuers.

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Credit Card Regex Java Validator



Credit Card Regex Java Validator