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Phone Number Regex Javascript Validator

Phone Number Regex Javascript Validator

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In JavaScript, especially in web development, validating phone numbers is a common task. JavaScript's capability to implement regex provides a straightforward way to validate phone numbers. A general regex pattern for this is /^\\+[1-9]\\d{1,14}$/, suitable for validating international phone numbers.

What is Phone Number Regex?

The regex for phone numbers usually includes a country code and a local number.

The Phone Number Regex Pattern

  • The regex pattern: /^\\+[1-9]\\d{1,14}$/

  • This ensures the phone number starts with a + followed by the country code and the local number.

How to Validate Phone Numbers in JavaScript?

Phone number validation in JavaScript can be done using regex as follows:

javascriptCopy code
function isValidPhoneNumber(phoneNumber) {
    const regex = /^\+[1-9]\d{1,14}$/;
    return regex.test(phoneNumber);

console.log(isValidPhoneNumber("+12345678901")); // true or false

Uses of Phone Number Regex Validation

  1. Form Validation: Ensuring correct phone number format in user input on web pages and applications.

  2. Client-Side Data Verification: Validating phone numbers in client-side scripts for contact forms, sign-up sheets, etc.

What next?

For a more comprehensive validation process, especially when dealing with a wide range of international formats, Akto's regex validator provides an additional layer of reliability, enhancing the accuracy of your validation strategies.

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Phone Number Regex Javascript Validator



Phone Number Regex Javascript Validator